May 13, 2013
@ 4:16 am

ideas for future use. EDM [A]

External Digital Memory [App]

I used to take photos striving to produce some kind of art. I don’t any more. But what is now becoming the sole purpose of taking photos for me, is the wish to remember the details. Those that would inevitably slip out of the mind.

Also, I think I should get more serious about taking notes. Otherwise, some notes that might turn out valuable in the lond run, at least as life chronicle, end up never being taken nor remembered.

For that, I could of course try Evernote, but it’s just not sexy (read handy and usable) enough for me.

Another thing - not everyone likes sharing. Or bragging. What a great share of sharing is about, really.

So, the EDM [A] (External Digital Memory [App]) would group all the social sharing content and selected actions, but also provide a seamless way to remember moments in your life you don’t want to lose

Apr 6, 2013
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Rubber Barber - Megawing

Apr 6, 2013
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+ see article on psfk

Mar 31, 2013
@ 10:07 am

A new type of agency to be founded. Suggested names: It’s Gonna Be Fine // Ideas Shelter // Proactive

Any creative who works at an agency has millions of ideas that never made it further than presentation, if not their mind. Some - unpitched/unsold ideas for clients. Some - just random [but nevertheless sometimes brilliant] ideas that are born at brainstorms.

It’s unfair that there is no Idea Fairy who could make them come to life. And that agencies never have any resourses for such projects. Even though some of them could turn super-successful.

And exist not just for the sake of existing, but be sold to a client. A client specially pitched with the idea. Proactive, you know? Or maybe let’s call it disruptive?

So, here I am, thinking of founding such an agency. Any creative would be offered to submit their ideas. And our job as an agency would be to make them happen. Original creatives would then be paid/rewarded, and all rights reserved, of course.


Mar 29, 2013
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How to Eat Chocolate Indefinitely (gif version)


How to Eat Chocolate Indefinitely (gif version)

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Mar 26, 2013
@ 1:16 pm

On Skillsharing with Mark Pollard

4:50 am

24 hour deli

me and my mac

and Skillshare

and Mark Pollard

and Pencils of Promise

It was terribly hard to force myself to eventually pin things down. Cause that type of work is not what I usually do. Though I keep thinking that’s just what I want to be doing. Well, at least I nailed this little task. Now it’s up to the critics to decide if I should be allowed into the playground.

That’s not the first skillshare class I got enrolled into, but the first that took me all the way down to submitting a project. And that’s thanks to Mark. 

I really, really appreciated what you’ve taught. From this skillshare class, I got exactly what I wanted - an approach, a process, an idea of how strategy should/could be done, instead of a random pondering/pure statistical kinds of approach I got to witness so far.

I’m ashamed to admit though, it was terribly hard to adopt the process that I was so happy to discover from Mark’s videos and posts, when working on the PoP assigment. Learning to put this theory to practice will surely take time.

Speaking of my project, I’m afraid it’s not as visceral as it should be. More of the entertainment kind. Which isn’t good, I assume? Also, I gave too little attention to predicting the potential outcome, treating this as a next step, which is probably not the level of detailing for a professional planner. And those are just the faults that I see. Sure, there are many more. But in fact, I’d still want to see some of those projects come to life, and bring a positive change. 

So now, what I’m most curious about is whether this class and project could help me understand if I should or should not attempt to do more planning. Mark, what do you think? Should I better keep out? Or should I give it a better try?

Feb 22, 2013
@ 8:30 pm

We need white space finders not mirror holders

Mark Pollard

Feb 20, 2013
@ 5:38 pm

long time no case studies

here are some digital case studies for me to remember and turn to in times of dispair

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Feb 20, 2013
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Jan 29, 2013
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Jan 26, 2013
@ 4:04 pm

Why Vine

I think Vine is cool

though, the concept is by far no news, to me as a user, the app seems fantastically appealing

it’s just cool

great interface
it feels new
it’s more lively than pics
it’s simple
it nascent

I’m so looking forward to see how it’s gonna take off. cause i do wish it does

still have to see what’s different from the previous video sharing startups, apart from Twitter liason. But - here’s another thing - 

it feels so new. I mean, what if videos are going to become a new social currency - meaning, first people posted texts, then - pics, now - videos. Are you used to film what you see? So you better do. Feels like acquiring a new habit, a new skill, a new mode of perception

so i don’t care if it’s another fad

i say YAY to discovering a new mode of perception

Jan 26, 2013
@ 10:30 am

word of the day - wip

specially for a Russian ear, wip sounds and looks much like the notorious vip, which makes it oh so attractive. however the work in progress concept of whatever product may stand behind it will make it fun and surprising

Jan 15, 2013
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Wow Nobody Cares (by ichluge)


Wow Nobody Cares (by ichluge)

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